Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Brights

Relay for Life Clothing Fair has had a great year, and is already beginning plans for 2009. So, here is a great outfit to go shopping in. We start with a fabulous mellow yellow Denim Cotton Jumpsuit,from Armidi Limited. . It has six pockets for all those little odds and ends you might need, and a zippered front for easy access and exit. The topstitching detail is wonderful and adds a touch of fun to the look. Then, I buckled on this lovely detailed Armidi Gisacij Au Di Leather Belt. It comes in three sizes, as we ladies are not all built the same.
I then added the Zimbawe Necklace to dress it up a bit and slipped on the brightly colored Neon Stacked Bangles in assorted colors. I need a little protection from the bright sun, so I slip on a stylish pair of Armidi Gisacij Fi Umo Sunglasses. And of course we cannot leave the house without our lovely monogrammed Tangerine leather bag, with convenient side pockets.
And to carry us on this shopping expedition, one of the coolest pair of shoes I have seen,Skyliners, from Shiny Things..An actaul skyline sits atop these funky fun shoes.Okayyyyy, lets shop....

Skin: *Redgrave* - Venus05/greenEyes: Miriel - AbsintheHair - DK - Rock - BlondeClothing - Armidi Limited - Denim Cotton Jumpsuit - Yellow Earrings -*Leezu Baxter* - White Flower SetNecklace - Armidi Limited - Zimbawe Necklace [Crush]Bracelets - Armidi Limited - Neon Stacked bangles -Assorted Armidi Limited - Neon stacked bangles - OrangeBelt - Armidi Gisacij - Au Di Leather Belt - YellowShoes - Shiny Things - Skyliners - retroredGlasses - Gisacij - Fi Umo Sunglasses - White Turtoise/Gold Lens

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OMG! What is that Noise????

Well, if you can believe it... that noise you hear is the wheels turning and the planning begining for the 2009 RFL Clothing Fair. We have been spending some time talking over the past week or so about how to reach out to the most designers in SL this year and Find the best of the best for the 2009 Fair. Last Year, We included 84 designers over 4 sims and this year we would like to up that number as much as possible.

So, Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship from Subscribe-o-matic we have come up with a plan and its now in place. Yes its a bit early to be thinking of 2009; however, you can join the group now and not worry about missing any news when the time comes.

Right now there are two kiosk up on the grid. One is located at the Haute Couture Sim in front of the RFL Store. The other is located in Innisfree at the Main location of SF Designs. If you or any desigers would like to be a part of this feed please join at any time. If you would like to have a kiosk at your store please contact me inworld .. Nevar Lobo.

Yes, Its early , but we have plans starting to make this next clothing fair something for the eyes to see.

Spread the word and don't forget we still have 25 days till Relay '08 is over !!!!

Go Relay , Untill there is a cure!!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Mystique

Every one loves a little mystique, and the irrepressible team of Moxie Polano and Forda Fairlane, have delivered up another beautiful confection called Le Mystique.
It is a lovely teal color, and has prim flowers which climb sensuosley across the beautifully textured bodice to your shoulder. A sash gently rides your hips and ends in a soft bow on your right hip. The back is a deep *V* which lends to the mystique...The sheer skirt flows beautifully, as all eyes follow you across the room. The outfit comes with a lovely pair of matching shoes, stockings, a shape and of course, the *piece de resistance*, the mask, which gives the outfit its air of mystery. You will be the belle of any ball in this marvellous outfit, with or without the mask...........
Till next time.....
Silky Trilling
Outfit - Haute Style & Co.: Le Mystique
Hair - Jade: Nana/Rose
Skin - Redgrave: Venus/Smoky 2
Eyes - Miriel/Absinthe
Jewelry - Earrings: Alienbear Design/ Dark Sassy Black Pearl Set

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I had the honor to be included on the "exclusive" VIP list for the Preview of VictoriaV's new mainstore. The event took place on Friday, June 6th, with the public Grand Opening set for Saturday, June 7th.
I, along with the other guests, (Moxie Polano, Maxie McBride, Bax Coen, Wyntir Jewell, Melanie Zhao, just to name a few) were greeted by the McMillans' in grand fashion. Vasgez McMillan gave a wonderful speech with VictoriaV proudly at his side. Then commenced the opening with the corking of champagne(Italy's finest, I'm sure) which we were all treated to a glass. The party then moved to the dance floor where we danced the night away to the stylings of DJ SerinaJane Loon, before working up an appetite to shop.

Let me tell you, this mainstore is a shoppers dream come true and the layout is amazing.

Now it's time to walk you through what you will see. You teleport in to appear on the lush red carpet(and who doesn't love being on the red carpet?).
The first thing you see is an awning made of Italian Marble that incases the sliding glass door to the "VictoriaV" promise land. But before i take you in, I want to draw your attention to the outside surroundings. The landscape to the store is minimalistic, which to me is nothing short of simple elegance. Here you will find green pine's, flower beds, waterfalls and the peace and traquility of the surrounding water. It's nothing short of something that you would find in Venice, Italy. The only thing missing is the man on the gondola singing in Italian.

Now let's pass the threshold. You walk past the doors to this magnificent foyer, complete with set of winding stairs that lead to the upper level. Look to your left and you'll see VictoriaV's beautiful wedding gowns, to the right you'll see her formal wear, and just past the stairs is her beloved VIP collection. The only problem you will have with this store is in deciding where to go first! As you walk through you are treated to a maze of designs, each one out doing the next. (Trust me, I'm finicky and I am nothing but impressed by the McMillan's.)

Walk up the stairs, past the incredible sculpture of a woman in the center(I heard Moxie Polano had something to do with this) to find VictoriaV's Lingerie collection. Also upstairs you will find outlet stores to Bax Coen, Alienbear Designs, Zhao, Calla, Style of Edo, and Ayki Skins.

I have to say, the McMillan's have put together an impressive collection. Without a doubt this is a must see.

I'm going to let you decide for yourself, have a look around!

Till next time,

Monday, June 2, 2008


Once again, the Fashion community just totally threw me back on my heels. I remember back when I was comming close to wrapping up the Clothing Fair in March, I was asked how I was feeling about the over all event. The only response that I could give was that I was totally speachless and at the time barely holding it together. As alot of people know, you can't usally find me lost for words. But, yet again, I am. Yesterday's Jailhouse Rock for Relay showed me just how deep the community of Second Life will reach if there is a cause to be reaching for. What made it so great was just how excited people got who were participating in the event. The 5 teams that participated in the event yesterday were just totally amazed when I announced the final figures for the fundraising effort. 2,227,185L$ ... who knew that the pockets were so deep. 8500USD in about 16 hours... WOW. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you all who participated, donated, hung around , fought the assest server problems, sat in jails, and just were there in support. Truely Amazing .....

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jailhouse Rocks for Relay

We'll have folks trapped in Jail until enough Bail is gathered to free them, DJ's rolling from 6 am until 9 pm SLT on June 1st and lots of other fun goings on!

This is a multi-team fund raising effort on behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Second Life Relay For Life, being held in the Haute Couture sim! DJ's from 3 stations will be covering the event, providing non-stop fun and entertainment throughout the sim!
Teams Participating:
Relay Raiders
Caledon SLRFL 2008
Relay Roleplayers
Relay Roadies
I am not sure who issued the warrents but I have been told...... Forda Fairlane, sachi Vixen, Tami McCoy, Swaffette Firefly , Persephone Milk, Dolly and Lilith Heart, Darklour Watanabe, dana Vanmoer, and many more are going to be behind bars serving sentences during this event.
Everyone please come out and help us as we work hard to raise money for Relay for Life

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Announcing the dates for the 2009 RFL CLOTHING FAIR !

I am pleased to announce that the dates for the 2009 RFL Clothing Fair have been decided. SO !!! Mark your calenders now !! The Clothing Fair Dates are March 16th, 2009 to March 23rd, 2009.

We will be setting up a Subscribe o Matic group for more information in the coming weeks so look forward to this.

More information to follow!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Rezzable does it again. Their latest line, "Poison Candy" hits the runway today, Wednesday May 21st at 12noon slt and again at 6pm slt.

This "Rockabilly" fashion comes straight from Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA from the RL company "Poison Candy®" owned by fashion designer Rebecca Edwards. Two RL companies collaborating in Second Life with one of the well known inworld designers makes this Fashion a must see !

Show Location is set for the Crimson Shadow Sim in the "Dark Night" room.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today's blog is a bit different in that it's not about fashion, or the fashion world as we know it. It's about the friendships that are formed, the respect that you give to each person.

I have been blessed with the friendships that i have formed, and although my days in sl are spent busy working on the agency, not a day goes by that i don't think of these friendships that i have made.

I've learned in the last week that I don't want a moment to go by that my friends don't know how much they mean to me, I don't ever want a day to come that they question how I feel about our relationships. I've seen this happen far too much lately in Second Life that people are overlooked, pushed aside, or ignored because of the way they look or a comment said.

All that I ask is that we all remember that although we are pixels on a screen, there is a real person behind what you see. Kindness, Respect, and Friendships are appreciated by all. And for the friendships that you have now, don't let it come to a point that people question how you feel.

Moxie and Forda, I love you both and we grieve together.

Wo, you will be missed, you were honorable, opinionated, strong, and most of all talented. It was a pleasure working beside you in Tailor Made, and more of a pleasure to call you "friend". You are with us always. We love you. Your at peace now, rest well Angel.

To all my friends, you know who you are, you're in my heart always.

Emee Flanagan, Timeless Modeling Agency CEO

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Haute Style & Co. is having a huge sale!

Alright everyone, it's time for another blog from me. A good sale is always hard to find, but when they come along and are worth seeing, then they come along with a BANG. Moxie Polano & Forda Fairlane are having a 50 linden and 100 linden sale. And here is the kicker, some of their awesome new releases are put out in the sale, so trust me, you are not getting last years item at a reasonable price, you are getting this years collection. This sale lasts a week and is sure to be a success, don't miss out! Sale ends Wednesday, May 22 at 12 noon slt.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have some shopping to do;)
Till next time, much love,

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today, the real life company Carnal Lingerie, announces it's first campaign here in sl. Gabriel LeShelle, the founder and ceo of both sl and rl Carnal Lingerie, has asked Zhao, Alienbear designs, Timeless Modeling Agency, and Gabrielle Sinatra to work exclusively with him on his project.

This campaign names Zhao as the exclusive shoe designer, Alienbear designs as the exclusive maker of jewels, Timeless for a supplier of models, and Gabrielle Sinatra for her photography.

Every month, Carnal will be releasing an "Carnal Angel of the Month". Each Lingerie piece that the model will be wearing will be pictured with matching shoes and jewels(sold seperately). Carnal, Zhao, and Alienbear designs will be placing the matching set in their stores so that the customer has the oppurtunity to purchase them all at the same time, or individually as needed.

Carnal, on their rl webpage, will also supply all the links to these stores as well as Timeless Modeling Agency and Gabrielle Sinatra's "Strawberry Fields Photo's". You can also find a Bio about each of the models used along side the bio's of Carnal's rl models.

model pictured: Silky Trilling, Timeless Modeling Agency

Lingerie used: Carnal Flowers Babydoll, Carnal Lingerie

shoes: "Precious", Zhao

jewels: "Floretta necklace & Earring set", Alienbear designs

photographed by: Gabrielle Sinatra

Monday, April 21, 2008

You are Invited

Please come check out the newest line of clothing presented by Timeless Modeling Agency and Rezzable ..... The new sim opens today so there is lots to see.. Hope to see everyone there !!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rezzable's New Sim

The Fair is about one month from being done and you know things happen quick around SL . The Rezzable Group is opening a new sim on Monday April 21 and Everyone is invite. Please come a check out Sim and visit the Fashinon show. This Show will show off the newest and largest collection of clothing Rezzable has show yet. Its being presented to you by Timeless Modeling Agency and dont worry there are two times to catch it. Show times are: 12:00 noon SLT and 6pm SLT. Hope to see you all there.. And! Congratulations on the new Sim Rezzable cant wait to see what you have done now!


Monday, March 24, 2008



Everyperson who made a donation to a kiosk, everyperson who bought an RFL Item, every designer who designed an RFL item, every entertainer , every DJ , every team member and the list goes on and on ... Thats what it takes.....

Shortly before 9pm slt this evening a big roar went over the Rezzable sims and the RFL clothing fair as the Relay Raiders team hit thier goal and raised 4 million lindens before the end of the clothing fair.... becasue of that feat... Pips Fetid , the designer and builder of the beautiful sims, will be bald for a week... The efforts of so many people and OMG Natasha Leckrone's Rockin Rockers .... you guys are amazing ! Thank you !!!

The clothing fair was a huge success and we have found some really awesome new friends through all of this.. but ... yes but... the work has only started... the shops are still open in thier main stores, and the RFL vendors are still out there..... becasue RFL doesnt end till the 20th of July .

This clothing fair is now wraping up and the final number will be in tomorrow but it doesnt stop us from thinking what is it going to be like next year... Well, more about that later... for now... i just wanted to thank everyone involved and the entire SL community of shoppers for being part of the event.

Untill theres a cure !!!!! GO RELAY !!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008




Its been an amazing week .. one that some of us will not forget for a long time. There was so much shopping to be done... the music was awesome . ... the models were beautiful !!! Sadly, its going to have to come to an end...

if you have not shopped you need to ... if you have not seen the sims .... you need to.. if you have not heard the music ... you need to ... and if you have not donated please find a kiosk that belongs to RFL and donate....

Tonight at 7pm slt there will be a special party at the main stage and Pips Fetid will be djing for two hours as we close out the fair... please come finish shopping alittle early and stay to celebrate this amazing event ... ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! YOU ALL HAVE SHOWN ME WHY I LOVE SL SO MUCH !!!!

the fight isnt over..... we still havent found a cure and we have lots of work to do .. so jsut because this event is over remember to check the events daily to see what RFL event is going on !!!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008


WOW!!! That is about the best word to describe what has happen over the week. I know for myself, I never Imagined that here at 1130am on saturday morning I would be sitting here looking 3Million raised right in the face. The Designers, the Raiders team, everyone who has come and placed a vendor at this fair ... and the SHOPPERS!! How amazing is it the support and drive and love we all share and show here at the fair. I can say that SL is the most amazing place. Together we WILL FIND A CURE!!

Don't forget the fair closes at 9pm slt on the 23rd of March !!!!

Shopping has been awesome.. the designers have really stepped up the game and I have to tell you we set the bar here... how will Pips and I ever out do this next year. There have been so many great things happen here that I cant even begin to put them all down. YOU ARE ALL MY HERO!!!!

We all have reminders of why we are here and this week in the middle of shopping and music and fun, i got smacked in the face with a reminder . I want to say to everyone out there... to remember ... we are one team.. it doesnt matter what kiosk you drop a dollar in or whose item you buy we are raising money for a bigger cause. Relay is my team and im so proud to know that a week into this years campaing we have already raised 6 MIllion Lindens for Relay ... that is more hten 20K USD and how amazing is that..

I wanted to come here and talk about the fashion and designs but there are so many people out there talking about those that i felt i needed to write a little about RFL and what the fair has done for RFL of SL this year... so my HAT IS OFF to everyone involved and there are no words to say what i feel inside...


Thursday, March 20, 2008



OMG !!!! THIS IS AMAZING !!! when we started in october i never thought that just 3 days into the fair we would be saying that our team raised that amount of Linden$.. But, I want to say here that its just not our team... there are so many teams represented here at the fair and the numbers that have been raised in this fair are just WOW!!!
This is the only way that we can kick the heck out of cancer and find a cure !!! AND !!! IT DOESNT STOP HERE !!!! WE HAVE TILL JULY 20TH ... this is only the begining !!!! so lets see what we can do next.
Congrats to everyone for hitting this milestone now we have a new one ..... and its reachable!!!!
More from the fair tomorrow !!!
Untill theres a cure !!! Relay for Life !!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Statistics show that 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer in theirlife time. I don’t even know what to say about these last 24 hours. Thankyou is not nearly enough for your efforts in making this happen.

This has been unbelievable! Opening the sims was a bit like supermanfighting through kryptonite… but people fought through it, and the donations started to pour in. 1Eternally Blessed made an appearance donating a wopping 378,000L, money all of you paid for the ads you see throughout the sims. YOUROCK!

There’s still lots in store in the way of entertainment. Wednesday we willbe dancing to the following:

11am-12 DJ Doubledown Tandino
12-2 DJ Swaffette Firefly
2-5 pm DJ Nomad Rovio
5-7 pm DJ Vivianne Draper
7-9 pm DJ Bcreative Wilde

Don’t forget about the treasure hunt! Look for the boxes placed throughout the sims, and please visit to get the code!!!!

Will update tomorrow!


Missing RFL vendors

I have heard alot about this subject and im so sorry that i have not been able to answer comments or blog untill now.

OK here is the deal....

The Vendors are out !!! it seems that there have been some issues when the sims have crashed or restarted with all the work that is being done on the grid .. vendors , boxes , missing prims were apearing ... I have checked into this and i have talked to the designers about vendors..

This might be a constant problem while SL is upgrading the code .. we dont know but we are keeping a close watch on it ... If you have a question about what a designer is doing for RFL my suggestion is to ask them.. .Everyone here is in full support of RFL and that is why they are all apart of this fair ... Every Designer is going to be FIGHTING FOR A CURE!!! ... so if you want to know what your favorite designer is doing for RFL .. dont be shy... ask them....

Thank you everyone for your compliments on the sim .. the Relay Raiders have worked long and hard for over 5 months planning this ... to make this the best event to hit SL in a long time !!!

Remember !!! dig deep because we are here for one reason and that is to find a cure for Cancer!!!

hit the kiosk with that little extra you have, buy the limited editions, and just have fun!!

Go Relay !!! Until theres a cure !!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


OMG!!!!! THATS ALL I CAN SAY!!! at the time of this picture there was over 200 on the sim and i can tell you that its crazy .. people are shopping, raising money and having fun.
yes yes there is lag .. yes yes we talked about it .. we know there is lag ... i am surprised that we didnt crash 4 sims at 10am this morning with all the people tping in at one time... it was amazing.
Tayzia , imed me at 10:05 and told me she was in tears from the joy to see the support that everyone is giving to RFL .. and that is exactly what is happening the support is overwhelming and I am blown away. we are hour and a half into the week and you all can not imagine .... some recordbreaking fundraisng is about to happen this week.
im not going to blog about the clothes here .. yes there is clothing and alot of it... the designers are hot and have not been sleeping to get things done before today .
So lets get to the fair .. be patient , mindful that its laggy ... but rememeber there are 4 sims so spread out over them... its going to be great!!!!! shop shop shop!!!!
Until theres a cure !!!!! Relay for Life !!!!!

Happy St Patricks day !!!!

Well, we made it !!!! two little touch ups in the am and the sims are totally ready to go ... The fun in about to start!!!

Here we go .. time for bed and yes !!!! 10 hours and 40 minutes till the SHOPPING BEGINS!!!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Night Before we open ...................

OMG its the night before we open and we have been working so hard to finish. The designers are running around frantic, Pips and I have been here and there all day .. Pips is having trouble getting her stuff done becasue she has had to fight off a greenie attack in the middle of the day . I found her totally exhausted from her fight and im not sure she succeded. It kinda scares me as i walk the sims im not sure if the greenies are taking over or not. SO, as you shop... BEWARE OF THE GREENIES!!

We finally got Pips back up and working hard and the troops arrived to assist in getting the different teams in with the RFL Vendors to set up. Oh you have to know that when you are planning something like this anything can happen and Happen it did!!!! David Jacobs , Event CO-Chair for RFL of SL , was at the sims helping out today and the wager was made..

It seems he has accepted the wager: if the Raiders (our team sponsoring the fair ) raises 2 million linden in one week (yes just 7 days ) ... well he will wear a dress for 1 week!!!!!

I am sure he is regretting that now that he sees what we have done to get ready for this huge event . If everthing goes well by this time tomorrow night we will have our first Million! GO RELAY!!!!

So, now for the final wrap up and yes, omg, Pips and I are going to get to sleep tonight!!! WOOT!!

We are so excited and can not wait till tomorrow... So get your shopping shoes on ... get those lindens ready .. buy every item in the RFL vendors there are tomorrow and lets Raise that 2 million in the first day!!!! ITS TIME EVERYONE ... YES THE CLOTHING FAIR IS ABOUT TO OPEN!!!!! LETS GET YOUR SHOPPING ON !!!

15 HOURS AND 5 MINUTES TO GO .... but who is counting !!!!

Untill theres a cure !!! LETS RELAY FOR LIFE!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


ARE YOU READY TO RELAY !!!! Today kicks off the 2008 campaign for Relay for Life and gosh we are so excited.... its means we are in the final countdown to opening the doors for the clothing fair .... dont have alot of time to blog today but i just have one great picture to show everyone ...

The Greenies have found the fair and are invading ... no matter what we have done to keep them out ... its not happening ..... so beware of greenies as you shop this week you never know where they might show up around the sims....

ok 45 hours and 50 minutes ..... and this fair opens!!!


Friday, March 14, 2008


Where has all the time gone to. Lets see ... well we started this in September '07 and have been working on the planning hot and heavy since November 1st. Now, here it is March 14th and we are three days away from opening the biggest Fashion event of the year here in SL . I keep walking around the sims talking to designers, press people , volunteers and helpers and Everyone is getting so exited to open the sims monday morning. Everyday it seems i get someone else coming to me wondering how they can help. Designers messaging me asking me if there is still room. Some telling me if you have anyone back out just let me know i can be ready in 10 minutes. Its kinda funny ... I never even dreamed this would be so big when we started to plan but WOW... look at it.

This week alone we have had people come to the rescue at different times and I really dont know how to thank everyone for pitching in . I put out a call for some graphic help a few days ago and in a matter of minutes my ims were crazy with people volunteering to make signs what ever needed to be done. Thank you Chiman, Forda and Bastchild. You three saved some long nights. And thank you to everyone who responded to our call for help.

Now, Tomorrow is the big kick off for Relay for LIfe and collections start for this year. I will have my vendors and kiosk tomorrow finally and im sure the designers will be so happy to be able to finish setting up . I do want to say ... if you know anyone who wants to be a part of this event and would like to set up an RFL vendor at the fair have them im me. It doesnt matter what team you are from , it doesnt matter what team name is on the vendor... what matters is that we raise money. Let me say that again ... what matters is WE RAISE MONEY FOR RFL. We are all in this fight together. we all want to have the same outcome. A CURE FOR CANCER!!

So if you want to join the fight contact me in world and lets join hands and FIGHT BACK!

The countdown has now started 71 hours and 42 minutes till the RFL Clothing Fair '08 opens its doors... Lets get ready to shop everyone !!!!

Until there's a cure!!!! We Relay for Life!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fashion, Fashion, and YES!! more Fashion

I have been sitting here thinking about what to tell you today regarding the fair . Suddenly, I realized that I have shared with anyone about the Fashion shows. You can not have an event like this with out showing off some of the special designs that are here at the fair. SO, we have not one , not even two, and three would'nt cut it... so we planned 4 Fashion shows for the week of the clothing fair ... Here is a little bit about them :
The stage was design and created by Pips Fetid. When we were trying to come up with an idea how to use all 4 sims she said to me , " you have to have runways in all of them so everyone can see." She did just that ...
Here is the schedule and the promoters
Thursday March 20th 2pm to 4pm slt
This show features different designers from the Autumn and Winter sims of the Fair...
Produced by Atlantis Modeling Agencies
Saturday March 22 10am to 12pm slt and 2pm to 4pm slt
RFL Showcase Show
This show features over 40 of the 2008 designs for RFL this year. All outfits shown are done to benift Relay for Life and will be sold at the Fair 100% profit for RFL.
Produced by FACES

Sunday March 23 2pm to 4pm slt
This show features the designers from the Spring and Summer sims in the Fair .Produced by ASpiRE!
Jewlery donated by Random Callopie
Shoes donated by Maitreya
All shows will be streamed live over all 4 sims. No one will have to Miss out !!!!
I hope you are all ready ... we only have a few days to go !!!!
Until there's a cure!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Are you tired of teleporting from sim to sim to find that perfect outfit? Ever been embarrassed landing only to find your hair attached to you tush? Can you picture a better way? Close your eyes and imagine… 4 sims packed with the finest designers SL has to offer, entertainment 24/7, treasure hunts, and more.

You’re not dreaming. The Clothing Fair 2008 is here! We are just days away from SL’s premiere shopping event of the season. Featuring 84 shining stars… ahem, designers all coming together to kick off the 2008 Relay For Life of Second Life’s fundraising season for the Relay Raiders.

Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature event started back in 1985 by a Colorectal Surgeon from Tacoma, WA; and has now become an international movement, with over 600 communities spanning 18 countries outside of the United States. Relay For Life is designed to “CELEBRATE” survivorship and raises money for life-saving research and programs, “REMEMBER” those who have lost their battle, and unite community members committed to “FIGHT BACK” against cancer.

It’s hard to imagine that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. 1 in 8! We can make a difference!

Go Relay!!!

PS ... As soon as I can upload some pictures they will be on here for you to peek at.... also watch for the flickr group .... SecondLife .. RFL Clothing Fair 2008 is the group name !!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

One more week

One more week to go !!! Designers are mostly checked in and the shops are all being designed.... lots of great stuff going on. Look for a complete schedule to be released later in the week but here is a sneak peak for Monday the 17th ....

10am slt to 1pm slt.... Pips Fetid will be the Dj

1pm to 230pm slt .... we bring Labgraal to the stage for a great concert live from Europe!!!

230 to 4 pm slt.... DJ Dakota Christensen will take request and give away some prizes !!

4pm slt to 6pm slt... The big St Pattys Day party!!! Bcreative Wilde will be getting wild so make sure you get your shopping done early on monday and get your green on and join us at the stage.

6pm to 7pm Slt ... We bring to the stage..... Kim Seifert!! .. Kim will be singing for us live and rumor has it that she has writen a new song for the fair.... so you have to be there to hear it for the first time.

7pm to 10 pm slt ..... DJ Stormy will carry the party late into the evening for all the shoppers who want to have a great time...

its going to be lots of fun and there will be dancing at the center stage all day when you get tired of shopping... Like that is really going to happen at this fair... To much to see we are so glad there is a week to get through it ....

ok more to come going to have some pictures of some of the shops tomorrow so look forward to that....

Until there's a cure !!! Relay, Relay , Relay !!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Let's see 4 sims, one builder , 84 designers and lots of hard hard work and what do you get when you add them all together .... well you get ... craziness. Pips has been working so hard to get these sims done that she was able to open the shops to everyone today a whole 4 days early .. she is ahead of schedule and yes there is still alot ot do but .... wow .... is about all I can say!!!

so we dont have much time to blog about anything today except there is alot of business going on in the sims today and work is flying around .. lots of prims and lots of fun is about to happen...

until there's a cure!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whats Lag Got To Do With It!!!

So, the countdown is at 12 days before the fair and boy things are really moving along. I was asking a few people lately what should I talk about in the blog this week and everyone has mention we have to keep thinking about keeping this Fair as Lag Free as possible. So with the help of my good friend Madison Donnelly ..I bring you the fact and fictions of Lag Free Shopping.... (this was originally posted in her blog)

Here’s my philosophy. Everyone is having a hard time rezzing and can barely move. They are focused on shopping. Do you think they care what you look like? If you are reading this and know someone who needs to give this post a whirl, please forward it on and help the rest of us.
Here’s my list of tips and tricks that seemed to have helped me survive the lag at the Relay for Life Clothing Fair:

Remove your prims: Yes, girls. You too can live without your lashes, face lights, prim skirts, 200-prim boots, and yes…*GASP* your hair! Try a system skirt. There’s lots of cute stuff out there that has NO PRIMS! Besides, others will think its just the lag and your hair is slow to rez.

Prims, Part 2: Take them off before you go! The server will be slow to respond, so they won’t come off right away, if at all. A little preparation will take you a long way.

Remove scripted objects: AO’s, multi gadgets, mysti tools, anti-away and anti-spy devices, AV radar, and translators. FYI, I find flying less traumatic than standing when I’ve got no AO!!

Turn down your graphics settings: turn off local lighting and water rippling, set your terrain detail to low, and crank down those sliders as low as you can stand it.

Cam in from a neighboring sim: If you are lucky, stand on the property line and cam in. Also helpful if the sim is full. There are 4 sims for this event so if you are on one and there happens to be some lag just head over to another sim.

Remember: If you are just looking to shop then shop on off peak times. There will be lots of events going on during the day (ie: Fashion shows and Live Music) so if you don't want to participate then make sure you check the schedule to see when they are happening.

Any tricks or tips you’d like to share? Favorite shopping outfits? Please let me the rest of us know how you survive the lag-fest!

The Team has worked very hard to make this event as lag-free as possible so remember to do your part and enjoy your shopping!!!!

Until there's a cure!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

13 Days to go ........

Lots of Progress going on .... We have hit cunch time and the hammers and nails are quickly being used up. Pips has been working hard trying to get all the shops in place and the layout perfect for an awesome shopping experiencea as you can see from the picture, this is a sneek peak of the autumn sim being worked on.
So we have alot going on .. the Entertainment schedule is about complete and wow I can saw not only do we have some awesome designers coming together to help Raise money for the Cause... we have some of SL's Best Entertainers and Dj's participating. More on that tomorrow!!!!
Well only 13 more days till we open and lots to do .. so .....
Until there's a Cure!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

14 Days and Counting down!!!!

Thats right its crunch time and there is so much going on I don't even know where to start. Over the next couple of days I will go into everything we are doing to get ready. It amazes me how people are just coming out of the woodwork to help out and get things together. I will have to say that the Raiders team rocks!! they are all great and I am so excited to be a part of it this year!

So here is for the biggest news... I am going to release the final list of designers who will be with us this year. As everyone knows, we have been planning this since september of last year and things happen so we have had to replace about 5 designers since the first name went on this list back on November 1st. We have 84 of the premier designers working with us and I can only say from the bottom of my heart ...... THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!

So here we go ....... ( not in any order or listed by sims)

Bewitched Designs, Stone Keep, Innovations, 00Gorgeous, Fairy's Grove Creations, Dks Designs, Dark Matter & M'Lady's Bridal, Frangipani Designs, IEVL (Innocently Evil), CaLLie cLine, Kays Kloset, Awesome Designs, Isobella Esoterica, Mischief, Gritzi Design,Ambergris Deadly Fashions, Dark Eden, Hexed, []::Tuli::[], Bailers Outfitters, Neko Gear, Vlintuition, Nocturnal Threads,Lapointe Designs, Rebel Hope Designs, Little Rebel Designs, Pixel Passion, Moonshine,Adored Clothing, BareRose, Passionate Neko Dreams, Elephant Outfitters , House of Rfyre, Nyte'N'Day, Milady's Fancy, Rose Petal Creations, Allure by Sparkle Skye, Armidi, Silken Heat, Luxury by Vindi Vindaloo, Nymphetamine Boutique, Defleur Fashions, Designing Nicky Ree, DE Designs, spicy Designs, Sub Rosa, Beckenbauer Productions, The Sweetest Sin, ~silentsparrow~, Immortelle, Draconic Kiss, Bossa Nova, LVS & Co (Liquid Velvet Studio) , *ICING*, Boneflower Designs, IndustriElle,*AnnaH* Coture, ShadowWiccan, VR Phlux , CKS Designs, Dellycious Wear, Solange, Kiana Dulce, Digit Darkes, PERSONA, Analise, Vitamin Ci, SF Designs, Casa del Shai, Barefoot Apparel, Sensual Designs, Desirae Designs,Pushbutton Industries, EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads), Goth1c0, CREAMSHOP , Devilish Cupcake, Aitui, Evie's Closet, Haute Style & Co, Rezzable Creations, Maitreya, Avid Designs, LeeZu Baxter Designs.

We are so excited to present these designers to you all in one place for an entire week. What a fun time its going to be shopping , events, prizes, giveaways, auctions, Live Music and much much more...!!!

Until there's a Cure!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Been a couple of days

Its been a couple days since I was able to sit down and blog about the fair . I can tell you that Sunday, when I logged onto SL, I almost could'nt believe that we had made it to the 30 day count down point. Right away I started to think of all the things we had to do and lucky for me panic wasnt about to set it because we had the big kick off event to focus on .

Well, now we are at 28 days before the fair and I think the everyone is getting excited. You could feel the energy on Sunday and for me it was more of a drive to get this here and start raising money . I Hope everyone is getting ready because ... yes... Relay time is here!!!!

The sims are starting to shape up and Pips is working hard everyday .. I have to put a plug in here for Lilith Heart who donated all the trees for the entire build. Thanks Lilith and Dolly !!! Also, I am going to be touching base wiht everyone this week so if you dont hear from me by thursday please shoot me an im .. I need to get final confirmation done for the vendor list.

So Dj's are booked, Live Musicians are ready to sing their hearts out , the vendors are being created...

So, its crunch time now folks.. Lets get ready to Relay and kick this clothing fair off with a huge bang...

Until theres a cure!!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots Happening

I can't believe we are a less then 30 days from the set up for this years fair . There is alot going on right now also ... Sims are being worked on , Fashion shows are being organized, Music is being finalized and all the designers are working hard getting their designs ready ...

Don't forget we have a staff auction this year, so the designers will have some opportunity to bid on the 5 of us for the day . get those bids in .. winners will be announced here at the end of the bidding .

The Fashion shows are coming together .. we have two great agencies working hard to get ready ... here is a little from their note today ...

Hello, As part of the Relay for Life 2008 Clothing Fair. The modeling agencies of ASpiRE! and Atlantis will be producing 2 fashion shows. Shows are expected to run 90 to 120 minutes featuring around 30 'sets'. Each show will be produced seperately and on different dates with each agencies unique flavor and style. If one agency is over filled and the other under, some sharing may occur but lets remember this is for a cause first, and both agencies have professional reputations.

Atlantis Modelling Agency Showdate - March 20th, 2008 starting at 2 pm SLTime. Points of contact Valerie McDunnough and/or Eria Ziemia.

ASpiRE! Modeling Agency Showdate - March 23, 2008 starting at 2pm SLTime.Points of contact Trina Noland and/or Ally Geer

This will be a great time for all of us... and lets Remember..... Until there is a cure... WE RELAY!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Here is a few more

00Gorgeous is the brainchild of two RL best friends. We have always been very creative in RL, and by chance we stumbled into secondlife. In early '06 we opened up our first store (NLC) and enjoyed it immensely. As we grew we needed a name change, and 00Gorgeous fit the bill. We are extremely excited to bring the latest and greatest fashions to you, via the relay for life clothing fair this year! And we hope to help break the record for raised L$ this year!

Second Life Quality Fashion since 2004: CREATIONS BY VINDI VINDALOODesigner Boutique for Quality Menswear & Ladies Fashion. Wedding Dresses,Coats,Tuxedos,Costumes,Suits,Gowns,Dresses,Shoes,Canes,Hats,Furs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lots and Lots of Designers

Analise is owned by Talyn Barrett and Analise Lameth. The store has been open for almost 2 years and has a loyal customer base. Our designs are primarily geared toward the gorean role players of SL but we offer items for all walks of Second Life. We proudly carry one of the most extensive silk collections on the grid and we are constantly adding to our inventory. We're thrilled to be participating in Clothing Fair again this year and showing our support for Relay For Life.

Awesome Designs ... Owner: Julia Soothsayer

Awesome Designs has been providing women with fashion clothing & shoes since 1996. Awesome apparel is always sexy, feminine, & fun. Come by the Awesome Designs Shop at the 2008 Clothing Fair to check out all the new releases and an AWESOME exclusive Gift during the fair!

Little Rebel Designs

Owner/Creator: Jonquille NoirLocation of main store:

LRD is a mixture of photo-real and hand-drawn clothing for women and men at affordable prices.

Dark Matter ... Owner: Digital Enigma

It's half formalwear half random creation. My hands create, the business follows ^_^

Monday, February 4, 2008

As time goes by.......

I was just sitting here realizing that time is flying by and before we know it the Clothing Fair is going to be upon us. There is still lots of things to do but I know each and every one of the designers are working hard to get their new designs ready .

Pips is working hard getting everything together for the sim right now ... We are trying to get the word out to everyone on the grid about the fair and its great to be walking around and seeing the posters going up little by little. I can not believe the over whelming support we have be given for this fair. Entertainers, Dj's, designers, support people ... all asking what can I do to help. When you come together as a team for a cause as great as Relay for Life, you see just how much can be done in a short amount of time. Thanks Everyone ....

Here are a couple more wonderful designers who will be featured at the fair:

PERSONA: Owner- Myllie Writer
Women's fashion store: casual, classy, everyday, dressy, business, feminine, elegant.

~silentsparrow~ Owner - hyasynth tiramisu

Silent Sparrow presents an eclectic mix of Gothic and Neo-Victorian apparel, often straying into vintage and historically inspired designs. Influenced by the dark and often by the whimsical, as well, with a strong love of rich brocades and unexpected colors. We specialize in suits for the dapper gent or the androgynous lady. Always illustrated by hand and overflowing with almost obsessive details.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone has been waiting for ........

Relay's Raiders have some really exciting things planned for this year's Relay for Life Clothing Fair. I have to tell you we have been working hard to make this a huge event and its turning out bigger then we could have imagined. I am so proud to announce the wonderful designers who have joined with us to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! against cancer this year.

Rose Petal Creations, Designs by Ally Chevalier, Desirae Designs, Armidi, IEVL (Innocently Evil) Allure by Sparkle Skye, Immortelle, Designing Nicky Ree, *ICING*, Milady's Fancy, Little Rebel Designs, Mischief, Vitamin Ci, Gritzi Design, CaLLie cLine, Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos, Bossa Nova, Nymphetamine Boutique, Moonshine, IndustriElle, Kays Kloset

Barefoot Apparel, Casa del Shai, Dellycious Wear, Neko Gear, Sensual Designs, Dark Matter & M'Lady's Bridal, Frangipani Designs, BareRose, Digit Darkes, Awesome Designs, *AnnaH* Coture, Kiana Dulce, Aitui, White Rabbit, Pixel Passion, EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads), Dark Eden, Neko Sapien, Analise, PERSONA, Nyte'N'Day

Bewitched Designs, Draconic Kiss, Solange, Beckenbauer Productions, Goth1c0, Sub Rosa, Innovations, Defleur Fashions, Fairy's Grove Creations, The Sweetest Sin, Isobella Esoterica, Stone Keep, 00Gorgeous, CREAMSHOP, Passionate Neko Dreams, Adored Clothing, VR Phlux, Hexed, RPD, Vlintuition, []::Tuli::[]

Elephant Outfitters, Bailers Outfitters, Pushbutton Industries, Devilish Cupcake, SF Designs, CKS Designs, Lapointe Designs, Ambergris Deadly Fashions, House of Rfyre, Nocturnal Threads, Silken Heat, Boneflower Designs, Amaretto, Crucial Creations, LVS & Co (Liquid Velvet Studio) ~silentsparrow~, Rebel Hope Designs, Dks Designs, ShadowWiccan, DE Designs, Luxury by Vindi Vindaloo

Monday, January 28, 2008

And then there was........

Introducing: BAREROSE- Owned by June Dion......

We have 1000 over clothes without count color variation with all of sort of outfits such a Casual, Fantasy, Ethnic,Formal, Skin, Shoes, Hair and more

Introducing: LaPointe Designs - Owner: Paul LaPointe

~ EVOCATIVE ~ EXCEPTIONAL ~ EXQUISITE ~Featuring clothing for men and women from Couture to Casual. City Chic to Edgy Gothic - find your dream's desire. Exquisitely detailed suits, formals, shirts, pants, lingerie, and dresses. Finish off your perfect Evocative look with jewelry, boots, skins, eyes, cloaks and even armor for an Exceptional avatar. Experience the best in Exquisite clothing and accessories, Experience Lapointe Designs.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another sneek peak

For the urbanite in all of us! High quality urban grunge & military apparel; everything you need to visit those darker streets and alleys, where the street lights have mysteriously malfunctioned, including the highest quality tattoos and accessories. Perfect for blending in with the "local crowd" on those nighttime forays into the concrete jungle.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

In the Spotlight

Well we are starting to get close and have been working hard .. but there are some other people who have been working hard also. So ... its time to start letting you know who will be attending the fair and I am doing this through some spotlights....

Store name: Pixel Passion
Owner: Bella Rosencrans

Pixel Passion first opened it's doors in 2005 under another name. It has since grown to become what it is today, a store with a fine selection of tasteful clothing ranging from casual to formal to maternity and swimwear and even a selection of bondage outfits!

every day I will post one store who is going to be in the fair so keep watching ....

Have a great day everyone,
Until there's a cure.......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank you Rezzable!!!!

I know that a lot of people do not know what has happen over the past two weeks when it comes to the fair. We, unfortunately, were told about 10 days ago that the people donating the Sims for the fair would not be able to provide them for us . This put us into a panic mode... we have done so much planning that how could be be without Sims. Well.. it was pretty late that night and I was not going to be able to sleep until I found Sims for us to use .
I am very very please to announce that this years Clothing Fair has Sims!! These Sims have been donated by the wonderful People from Rezzable. Home of the Greenies, Crimson Shadow, Toxic, and others, the Rezzable team has been creating some of the most fantastic builds in SL over the past year or so. We are very honored to be able to have them as a sponsor this year and as a part of Relay for Life .
I do have to say thank you to Callie Cline for putting us in contact with the Rezzable group. I also would like to thank Wiccan Sojouner for being a big support and for her ideas as we dealt with this issue.
As an event planner and project manager, I have found out when thing are going smoothly you should never sit on your laurels. Challenges are there to overcome and provide test for us to succeed on a higher level.
Now.. on to other information. Pips and I have been putting together Information packages regarding the design and responsibilities of the Designers . Most of you were not involved at the last fair so there are lots of question of what do i do? This package will provide all your answers and it will be sent out this weekend. Because of the Sim donation .. I have been told that two of them are already ready so Pips will be able to get a head start on the build, hopefully to get the designers into shops earlier then we had planned!!

Thanks everyone for your hard work ...

Until there is a cure.....


Saturday, January 19, 2008

2008 ACS RFL Kiosk Design Contest

This was just announced yesterday and I thought I should share it with everyone:

This year, we are creating a design contest for the 2008 ACS RFL in SL donation kiosk and ANYONE can enter (well, except the judges and the ACS RFL tech crew).
To enter, visit ACS Island ( or the PaperModels in Second Life store at Pinastri ( and touch the registration cube; you'll immediately be registered for the contest and receive the instruction note card.

Why Enter the Contest? Fame and Fortune, of course! The winner will receive a prize award of $5,000L and a $50 credit to the / Paper Models in Second Life store. The really cool part is that the winning design will be developed into a real life 3D model that can be downloaded in real life by Paper Models in Second Life!

This is the first ever build event anywhere in the metaverse which the winning design will become a real life 3D model using the Paper Models, Inc. patented process! The winner could be you!

Participants will be contacted by the contest coordinators, David Jacobs or Estaban Graves and the official textures and logos provided - we're using the new MediaMaster Syndication tool so there is no group to join!

Come get involved and help us with the most awesome, donation-inspiring design ever and get memorialized as the first ever 3D download-able ACS RFL design in metaverse history!

I know there are alot of great designers out there and I hope that passing this info along we can find some awesome designs for this contest... I hope you all join!!!

Till next time,


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Counting down!! 59 Days!!

The countdown is on for this year's Relay for Life Clothing Fair....
Hard to imagine that it's just 59 days until the BIGGEST CLOTHING EVENT of the year. The Relay Raiders have been working hard dotting their i's and crossing their t's to ensure you a versatile offering of SL's finest.
Have you heard ... Dark Eden , Moonshine Clothing, DeFleur Fashions, Passionate Neko Dreams, Solange, Annalise, IEVL, Immortelle, Milady Fashion, Barerose, Casa del Shai & Digit Darkes (just to name a few) have all signed on to join us ?
Really, how can we top 84 of SL premier designers sitting down to the drawing board to create the best of the best for this year's event? Fold in live music, multiple fashion shows, treasure hunts and let simmer for 59... soon to be 58 days! We'll serve up an "Awesome" stew.
Save you Linden's, watch for events.. and listen around the grid. You don't want to miss this one!
See you there!The Relay Raiders
Oh... did I forget to mention St. Patrick's day. I guess I did. Until next time guys, ;)!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

65 Days to the Fair....

OMG !! I can't believe that there are only 65 more days to plan for this years fair . Today we finalized our plans for the huge St. Patrick's Day celebration. I am so excited about the opening day party. Day starts at 10am slt with Pips djing to get it open and really started... at 1pm slt ... wow.. Labgraal preforms ... yeah more on them in a later post. lets seen Next from 4 to 6 Bcreative Wilde is going to kick off the drinking with some awesome Irish music and the normal dancing stuff too. Its going to be a wild night I'm sure for all of us to get this Fair open and celebrate the day together getting drunk in all of our Green... or Orange what ever side you fall on *laughs*

Planning is moving forward and over the next few weeks Pips will be busy building the vendor spaces, ad boards, and the multi purpose stage ... its all coming together... and just think We still have lots to get done...

until next time,

Get Ready To Shop

Announcing the Relay for Life, Clothing Fair 2008
The much anticipated Relay for Life, Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008. Jam packed with live music, treasure hunts… and fashion shows this year’s fair features 80 of SL’s premier designers! Kicking off this years Relay for Life Fundraiser will be a multi-sim St. Patrick’s Day celebration and running 24/7 until the doors close on the 23rd.
Did I say Multi-Sim? I did, didn’t I. With names like BeWitched, Armidi, Callie Cline, Rebel Hope, Nicky Ree, Awesome Designs, Aitui, Sherona DeGroot, Rfrye, Nocturnal Threads, Barefoot Designs, RPD, DE Designs, Night & Day, Mischief, Goth1c0, way too many to list… what choice did we have! This year’s concept, spearheaded by Pips Fetid and Nevar Lobo spans four sims to ensure low lag, positive shopping experience.
So mark your calanders, check events, and save your Lindens. Come stroll the seasons and help us “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”. We can make a difference! Until there's a cure, there's Relay for Life.