Friday, March 14, 2008


Where has all the time gone to. Lets see ... well we started this in September '07 and have been working on the planning hot and heavy since November 1st. Now, here it is March 14th and we are three days away from opening the biggest Fashion event of the year here in SL . I keep walking around the sims talking to designers, press people , volunteers and helpers and Everyone is getting so exited to open the sims monday morning. Everyday it seems i get someone else coming to me wondering how they can help. Designers messaging me asking me if there is still room. Some telling me if you have anyone back out just let me know i can be ready in 10 minutes. Its kinda funny ... I never even dreamed this would be so big when we started to plan but WOW... look at it.

This week alone we have had people come to the rescue at different times and I really dont know how to thank everyone for pitching in . I put out a call for some graphic help a few days ago and in a matter of minutes my ims were crazy with people volunteering to make signs what ever needed to be done. Thank you Chiman, Forda and Bastchild. You three saved some long nights. And thank you to everyone who responded to our call for help.

Now, Tomorrow is the big kick off for Relay for LIfe and collections start for this year. I will have my vendors and kiosk tomorrow finally and im sure the designers will be so happy to be able to finish setting up . I do want to say ... if you know anyone who wants to be a part of this event and would like to set up an RFL vendor at the fair have them im me. It doesnt matter what team you are from , it doesnt matter what team name is on the vendor... what matters is that we raise money. Let me say that again ... what matters is WE RAISE MONEY FOR RFL. We are all in this fight together. we all want to have the same outcome. A CURE FOR CANCER!!

So if you want to join the fight contact me in world and lets join hands and FIGHT BACK!

The countdown has now started 71 hours and 42 minutes till the RFL Clothing Fair '08 opens its doors... Lets get ready to shop everyone !!!!

Until there's a cure!!!! We Relay for Life!!!!!

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