Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mexican Spirit - Fashion Show

I was given this press release today about a wonderful event here in Second Life i would love to share with all of you today . We know that there are many many events that happen for different charities around SL , this one is sure to be a good one. Please Join them as they celebrate the Culture and raise awareness for Lindens for Language.

Who: Instituto Espanol and Miramar Modeling Agency

What: "Mexican Spirit". A fashion show and charity benefit for Lindens for Language, to feature the regional costumes of Mexico by designer maycoco Capra.

When: Saturday August 29th. 2 shows. 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Where: Instituto Espanol

Why: Lindens for Language is a charity project sponsored by Instituto Espanol Second Life. Lindens for Language purchases computer equipment for Spanish language teachers in Mexico who lack the required computing power to function in Second Life and who lack the finantial resources to purchase what they need.

How: To the backdrop of the the incredible tango guitar of Joaquin Gustav and our new seaside stage and runway, Instituto Espanol and Miramar Modeling Agency are thrilled to present "Mexican Spirit", regional Mexican costumes by designer marycoco Capra. "Mexican Spirit", commissioned by the Institute as a fund raising activity to benefit the Lindens for Language project features 16 never seen before designs.

The colors, clothes, and history of Mexico will come alive as we celebrate Ms. Capras first professional show. A long time designer of contemporary clothing, marycoco accepted the Institute's offer of a commission to produce the costumes of her culture with glee. Over the past year she has dedicated herself to her craft and her culture. The results are the highest quality historical representations of Mexico's past that can be found in Second Life.

From the costumes of the Aztecs to the contemporary style of Guadalajara, marycoco has captured the "Spirit of Mexico". Instituto Espanol could not be more proud of marycoco's work ethic, cultural pride, and results. Join us today at 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm. We promise you a great show. great music, and your chance to participate in a great cause.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clothing Fair 2010 Planning has begun

Amethyst and I have been working on some early plans for the clothing fair next year. Trying to get the voice of everyone we have started a group on Moolto so that people can join into the discussions and help us try to make sure we get what everyone would like to see.

There are a couple ways to stay in touch with information as we go through the planning of the fair. We have a Subscribe - o- matic group set up in world you can join at any number of stops, you can always read the blog here and that will keep you up to date, or you could join us at Moolto and give your thoughts through the group...

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Clothing Fair in March ..!