Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helen Keller Day

Many people in the world are disabled and for a long time I wasn't ready for people to know that I was disabled . I have been working with these wonderful people here at Style Enabled Modeling Agency , its been such a wonderful experience as I have been empowered to begin talking about my disability and have found other ways to help people here in SL .

I want to personally thank the following designers and people who helped with this fashion show: Lemania Indigo, Simone Stern, swaffette Firefly, Ross Myhre, Alyssa Bijoux, Amutey DeCuir, Wiccan Sojourner, dana Vanmoer, Roland Zepp, Amethyst Starostin, Sasy Scarborough.

Please come join us today at 3pm slt to see just how empowered people can get by the amazing things you can do in Second Life.

People with disabilities make up approximately 20 percent of the SL population. For many people with disabilities, SL is about as “barrier-free” an environment as it gets - People who cannot walk in real life can fly and teleport here in SL. Some, however, are not as fortunate: Deaf and hearing impaired people can be unwittingly excluded from voice chats, and people who are blind or visually impaired still face massive challenges in being able to use the highly visual 3D environment at all – Which is why Helen Keller Day is coming to Second Life, Saturday, June 27th. It’s a day that is set aside for 24 solid hours of information, education, exploration of employment opportunities, arts and entertainment, and social engagement, at the four The Ye, Olde, Supporte, Faire islands. There will be vendors, employers, presentations, and mainly… fun.

Find us here the event runs for 24 hours ...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fantasy Faire 2009 Hasn't Ended Yet!!!

When I first came to Second Life a few years ago, I never dreamed of meeting and working with so many gifted and talented people from all different walks of life. This year, I have been blessed to meet a few amazing people hiding in the woodwork. As all of you know, the Clothing Fair is very close to my heart because of the reason we have it...Relay for Life.

A few months ago, when the planning of the Fantasy Faire started, I got a message from Ember Farina asking if she could pick my brain. I chuckled when I received the notecard full of questions as I realized this was the first time anyone had ever asked how I did the Clothing Fair. I was pleased and honored I was approached and answered her questions, making myself available for any others she might have.

What came out of that initial conversation is just another example of how much of a difference a community can make when they put aside the competition and join efforts for such an important and needed cause. I encourage you to take some time this weekend to explore this amazing event, see the builds and creativity, thank the vendors for giving their time and talent, stop by to enjoy a great concert and support Relay as it winds down into its last 29 days!!!

If you don't know where to go just pick from the list here and travel to a new world to start your Fantasy Experience. There is something for everyone!!

Fantasy Faire Central


Avatars, goodies and gadgets

Magical, mystical, and fairies

Vamp, Goth, Demons

Elven clothing , furniture, and more

Scifi and Silent Auction area

Merfolk , visit the wonderful world under the sea

Anything you might have missed from Tiny to dragons, dark lighters to angels

Always Remember here in SL ... Together we find a cure ... and We have lives to save!!!

SO... Take an hour this weekend and follow your heart into the world of Fantasy .... Go Visit the Faire .. you will not regret it one bit!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

They sent me to Outer Space

Today I was again shopping at the Fantasy Faire. Its been loads of fun for me to visit and not have to worry about any of the behind the scenes work. I have to say tho... I am loving the merfolk sim totally underwater (yes i did go swiming), but now I have to tell you about this mornings experience.

Who Knew!!!! When you hit the tp at the Central area of the Fantasy Fair you would be transported up into the galaxy among the stars and planets to find all your favorite Sci-Fi Shops. I should have known after The Merfolk sim that the builders would pull something ... but wow this one really rocks ... Here is a picture or two for you ....

Make sure you view this sim at midnight ... you will just be totally awed by what you see...

So once I finished checking out all the things in the shops I really had no idea existed in SL ... (silly me) ... I went back to the landing point and was going to head to the next sim when I see this sign... TP to gardens... well you know here we go to the Sci-gardens... more suprises of course... I found the auction area and yes there is one so get over there cuz there is alot of good things to get for low prices!!!!! Remember ... it all goes to RFL!!!! BID BID BID....

More then that i found another amazing area of color and moon rocks and so lavafalls... wow.. thought I was standing on the moon or something ... ALL I can say is KUDOS to the build team of the fantasy faire!!!!!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fantasy Faire 2009

Merfolk, Vampires and Witches... Oh My...there is only one place to find them this week and many more Fantasy creatures; The Fantasy Faire benefiting RFL.

I was over at the fair this morning and just amazed with the job that Ember Farina and her team have done. The shops are full, the stage is set and shopping has started. There are 9 sims, with lots of designers from all over the fantasy world of SL. They have brought together such fantasy genres as Neko, Elven, Furry, Dragon, Goth, Tiny and Sci-Fi and hope to raise $4000 USD for Relay for Life .

I've only made it through one sim so far...and of course it was the Vampire and Demon Sim called Dark Realms and gosh, I was so amazed as what I found. Can't wait to get to the others. All this walking around and enjoying it from the customer's side makes me want to start planning next year's Clothing Fair already .

So... I have to at least give you a sneak peek at my favorite sim before I go for a swim and back to shopping... Check out this video about the Merfolk sim... you wont believe the stuff you can find and IT'S ALL UNDER WATER!!!!