Friday, June 19, 2009

Fantasy Faire 2009 Hasn't Ended Yet!!!

When I first came to Second Life a few years ago, I never dreamed of meeting and working with so many gifted and talented people from all different walks of life. This year, I have been blessed to meet a few amazing people hiding in the woodwork. As all of you know, the Clothing Fair is very close to my heart because of the reason we have it...Relay for Life.

A few months ago, when the planning of the Fantasy Faire started, I got a message from Ember Farina asking if she could pick my brain. I chuckled when I received the notecard full of questions as I realized this was the first time anyone had ever asked how I did the Clothing Fair. I was pleased and honored I was approached and answered her questions, making myself available for any others she might have.

What came out of that initial conversation is just another example of how much of a difference a community can make when they put aside the competition and join efforts for such an important and needed cause. I encourage you to take some time this weekend to explore this amazing event, see the builds and creativity, thank the vendors for giving their time and talent, stop by to enjoy a great concert and support Relay as it winds down into its last 29 days!!!

If you don't know where to go just pick from the list here and travel to a new world to start your Fantasy Experience. There is something for everyone!!

Fantasy Faire Central


Avatars, goodies and gadgets

Magical, mystical, and fairies

Vamp, Goth, Demons

Elven clothing , furniture, and more

Scifi and Silent Auction area

Merfolk , visit the wonderful world under the sea

Anything you might have missed from Tiny to dragons, dark lighters to angels

Always Remember here in SL ... Together we find a cure ... and We have lives to save!!!

SO... Take an hour this weekend and follow your heart into the world of Fantasy .... Go Visit the Faire .. you will not regret it one bit!!!!

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