Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fantasy Faire 2009

Merfolk, Vampires and Witches... Oh My...there is only one place to find them this week and many more Fantasy creatures; The Fantasy Faire benefiting RFL.

I was over at the fair this morning and just amazed with the job that Ember Farina and her team have done. The shops are full, the stage is set and shopping has started. There are 9 sims, with lots of designers from all over the fantasy world of SL. They have brought together such fantasy genres as Neko, Elven, Furry, Dragon, Goth, Tiny and Sci-Fi and hope to raise $4000 USD for Relay for Life .

I've only made it through one sim so far...and of course it was the Vampire and Demon Sim called Dark Realms and gosh, I was so amazed as what I found. Can't wait to get to the others. All this walking around and enjoying it from the customer's side makes me want to start planning next year's Clothing Fair already .

So... I have to at least give you a sneak peek at my favorite sim before I go for a swim and back to shopping... Check out this video about the Merfolk sim... you wont believe the stuff you can find and IT'S ALL UNDER WATER!!!!


Cancer Survivor Stories said...

We actually blew through our goal of $4,000 by the time we opened the doors of the Fantasy Faire 2009. To date we are over $1.1 million lindens in total donations and growing fast.


Evar Lexington

Twitter Me at EvarLexington

PS: Check the vid link, not working...^^.

putha said...

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