Monday, January 5, 2009

Countdown To The 2009 Clothing Fair!

The Long process of planning the 2009 Clothing Fair is well underway and I can say this will be the best one yet. Doubling last years number from 4 to 9 sims, we have collected over 130 designers who are excited and already creating.

This year's sims are being provided by Eyeing and Babe Daligdig, owners of the Ohana Isles and JD Designs. They are working hard with us to bring Second Life shoppers a week of pure fun and excitment.

This year you will find a collection of stores from all over the grid. We will be offering designs from some of SL's newest creators as well as the long time great designers we all love. There will be something for everyone this year with fashions for men and women and every genre imaginable.

Again, will have a treasure hunt filled with prizes from our wonderful designers, lots of gifts, live music and DJs, a Fashion show and much much more. You will not believe all we have come up with for this special event.

If you are intrested and have not recieved an invite to the fair .. please contact Nevar Lobo or Amethyst Starostin right away. Thanks to the generosity of our sim sponsors, Eyeing and Babe, we were blessed with 3 more sims from the original we have some new space available!

Mark your Calendars for March 16th, 2009 at 10am slt and prepare to be dazzled...we look forward to seeing you there!