Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grand Re-Opening!!

Join us as we celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Caliber in it's new store! Two days packed with fun...treasure hunt, live music, DJs and lots of new items.

Caliber is a unique concept in excellence for all. Within the store falls amazing designs for multiple uses ranging from fantasy to modern wear that both men and women alike will enjoy, fine furniture in Victorian, elven, and Moroccan themes and some of the most detailed period medical supplies in SL.

Aurelius Draken & Nyre Gray, a couple off-line as well as in cyberspace, came to Second Life in winter of 2006. After initially exploring a bit, like many others they rented a property and set about building the home of their dreams. In the process, Aurelius discovered that no one sold the sort of bookcases he wanted for the library, and Nyre couldn't find the sort of dresses she desired, so both began teaching themselves how to build. In February of 2007 they decided to share the things they were creating, and Caliber was born.

Initially Caliber was mostly about clothing; Nyre's dresses were in considerable demand for their feminity and custom-tested fitting. Every dress went through the 'dance-test' to make sure all the prims moved right and had the right positioning even in motion. Little by little, Aurelius' library offerings started to expand into furniture, and people started putting in special requests for things they couldn't find elsewhere in Second Life. That's was the origin of what is now Second Life's most extensive line of medical and herbal products, as well as the Celtic and Persian furniture lines.

Since those early days, Caliber's direction has been driven by the needs of it's customers, fulfilling their visions and enhancing their virtual experiences with beautiful clothing and furnishings. Caliber's ethos demands strict attention to detail. uniqueness, and quality, and beauty remains their goal.

Come see Caliber... come into the light.

Schedule includes :

May 9th and 10th : treasure hunt and great prizes

May 9th :
A Special Concert by Labgraal at 1pm slt

A Special Concert by Kim Seifert at 4pm slt
A Special Concert by Srv4u Conacher at 5pm slt
Dancing in the Club with DJ Magdalena Kamenev at 6pm SLT

May 10: treasure hunt continues all day
Masquerade Ball : 5pm slt with DJ Dakota Christensen

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Peek at Caliber

Nev and I are honored and excited to be a part of the Caliber Grand Re-Opening. I thought you might like to see a small taste of the wonderful items you can get at their new store on the Rivendell sim.

I am wearing one of Nyre's stunning designs Aurelis. She gave this out to the group a couple of days ago and once I put it on, I had no desire to take it off. The rich colors and velvet texturing makes this something to truly make an entrance in. As as with all of her designs, this has gone through the "dance" test to ensure you will look amazing as you dance the night away in the arms of your soulmate.

This photo was taken in our living room, which is furnished with Aurelius' cushions, tables and couches. His attention to detail and bold fabrics make this a must have for your home. The couch comes complete with book for light evening reading. The cushions come with 8 different sits so anyone will be comfortable.

Aurelius also builds the finest and most extensive physician and herbal products in all of SL. If you're looking for that hard to find item, I guarantee you'll find it at Caliber.

We're hosting a lot of great events over the weekend...a treasure hunt with special one of a kind goodies...when you find it, be sure to pick it up...amazing concerts and capping the weekend with a Masquerade Ball.

Find Caliber here and don't miss out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caliber Grand Re-Opening

Over the past couple years working with the Clothing Fair, we have met some great people in SL. We work really hard to put this fair together and when something great comes out of it beside awareness of Relay for Life and lots of funds raised, we get really excited.

This year, I met two amazing designers here in Second Life and it's been so much fun to get to know them . I can remember a couple of years ago, I was walking around RFyre island looking at stores when I saw a store that actually caught my eye and made me go in and look. It was Caliber. The rich textures and amazing prim work was awesome to look at. The designers who own Caliber, Nyre Gray and Aurelius Draken, are two of the best kept secrets of design here in SL .

This year, for the first time, Caliber participated in the 2009 Clothing Fair. A coming out of sorts for them, and now the secret is no longer hidden. This weekend they invite each of you to come and join them as they celebrate the Re-Grand Opening of their Flagship Store.

They have been working hard since the Fair to get new merchandise ready, live music has been booked, treasure hunts are ready and there are two great DJs who are going to come together on May 9th and 10th for this Celebration.

Please come and join us as we welcome Nyre and Aurelius out of hiding and back into design here in Second Life.

Find Caliber here!