Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whats Lag Got To Do With It!!!

So, the countdown is at 12 days before the fair and boy things are really moving along. I was asking a few people lately what should I talk about in the blog this week and everyone has mention we have to keep thinking about keeping this Fair as Lag Free as possible. So with the help of my good friend Madison Donnelly ..I bring you the fact and fictions of Lag Free Shopping.... (this was originally posted in her blog)

Here’s my philosophy. Everyone is having a hard time rezzing and can barely move. They are focused on shopping. Do you think they care what you look like? If you are reading this and know someone who needs to give this post a whirl, please forward it on and help the rest of us.
Here’s my list of tips and tricks that seemed to have helped me survive the lag at the Relay for Life Clothing Fair:

Remove your prims: Yes, girls. You too can live without your lashes, face lights, prim skirts, 200-prim boots, and yes…*GASP* your hair! Try a system skirt. There’s lots of cute stuff out there that has NO PRIMS! Besides, others will think its just the lag and your hair is slow to rez.

Prims, Part 2: Take them off before you go! The server will be slow to respond, so they won’t come off right away, if at all. A little preparation will take you a long way.

Remove scripted objects: AO’s, multi gadgets, mysti tools, anti-away and anti-spy devices, AV radar, and translators. FYI, I find flying less traumatic than standing when I’ve got no AO!!

Turn down your graphics settings: turn off local lighting and water rippling, set your terrain detail to low, and crank down those sliders as low as you can stand it.

Cam in from a neighboring sim: If you are lucky, stand on the property line and cam in. Also helpful if the sim is full. There are 4 sims for this event so if you are on one and there happens to be some lag just head over to another sim.

Remember: If you are just looking to shop then shop on off peak times. There will be lots of events going on during the day (ie: Fashion shows and Live Music) so if you don't want to participate then make sure you check the schedule to see when they are happening.

Any tricks or tips you’d like to share? Favorite shopping outfits? Please let me the rest of us know how you survive the lag-fest!

The Team has worked very hard to make this event as lag-free as possible so remember to do your part and enjoy your shopping!!!!

Until there's a cure!!!!


Leah McCullough said...


I'm sure theres is another way and place to ask this but I couldn't find it.. LOL :)

My best friend and I own a clothing line called .:Naive:. Officially Sweet, and we would like to know if there is still a chance to be part of the Clothing Fair. We love the fact that is for a GREAT cause!!

Our store has just opened.. you can have a look at our website for more information and SURL for our Main Store.

You can reach us at

Thanks a lot in advance!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Abbie Dharnen & Leah McCullough

Dove Swanson said...

I always try to follow those rules, just feel it's polite - but it's a little annoying to be walking around a full sim, bald, stripped down to nothing but mild clothing layers, waddling around like a newb ...and walk past ten avatars with not only AOs on, but 200+ prims, and bling to boot!

So annoying. I just want to choke them all. Usually if that's the case, I just go ahead and get dressed again. Sounds childish maybe but I figure my one little avatar isn't going to make a difference in the sea of asshats.

I'm rambling. Just hit a sore spot after dealing with the skin fair yesterday. heh.

Great post! Hopefully people will read it.