Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing RFL vendors

I have heard alot about this subject and im so sorry that i have not been able to answer comments or blog untill now.

OK here is the deal....

The Vendors are out !!! it seems that there have been some issues when the sims have crashed or restarted with all the work that is being done on the grid .. vendors , boxes , missing prims were apearing ... I have checked into this and i have talked to the designers about vendors..

This might be a constant problem while SL is upgrading the code .. we dont know but we are keeping a close watch on it ... If you have a question about what a designer is doing for RFL my suggestion is to ask them.. .Everyone here is in full support of RFL and that is why they are all apart of this fair ... Every Designer is going to be FIGHTING FOR A CURE!!! ... so if you want to know what your favorite designer is doing for RFL .. dont be shy... ask them....

Thank you everyone for your compliments on the sim .. the Relay Raiders have worked long and hard for over 5 months planning this ... to make this the best event to hit SL in a long time !!!

Remember !!! dig deep because we are here for one reason and that is to find a cure for Cancer!!!

hit the kiosk with that little extra you have, buy the limited editions, and just have fun!!

Go Relay !!! Until theres a cure !!!

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