Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Night Before we open ...................

OMG its the night before we open and we have been working so hard to finish. The designers are running around frantic, Pips and I have been here and there all day .. Pips is having trouble getting her stuff done becasue she has had to fight off a greenie attack in the middle of the day . I found her totally exhausted from her fight and im not sure she succeded. It kinda scares me as i walk the sims im not sure if the greenies are taking over or not. SO, as you shop... BEWARE OF THE GREENIES!!

We finally got Pips back up and working hard and the troops arrived to assist in getting the different teams in with the RFL Vendors to set up. Oh you have to know that when you are planning something like this anything can happen and Happen it did!!!! David Jacobs , Event CO-Chair for RFL of SL , was at the sims helping out today and the wager was made..

It seems he has accepted the wager: if the Raiders (our team sponsoring the fair ) raises 2 million linden in one week (yes just 7 days ) ... well he will wear a dress for 1 week!!!!!

I am sure he is regretting that now that he sees what we have done to get ready for this huge event . If everthing goes well by this time tomorrow night we will have our first Million! GO RELAY!!!!

So, now for the final wrap up and yes, omg, Pips and I are going to get to sleep tonight!!! WOOT!!

We are so excited and can not wait till tomorrow... So get your shopping shoes on ... get those lindens ready .. buy every item in the RFL vendors there are tomorrow and lets Raise that 2 million in the first day!!!! ITS TIME EVERYONE ... YES THE CLOTHING FAIR IS ABOUT TO OPEN!!!!! LETS GET YOUR SHOPPING ON !!!

15 HOURS AND 5 MINUTES TO GO .... but who is counting !!!!

Untill theres a cure !!! LETS RELAY FOR LIFE!!!!

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