Saturday, March 22, 2008


WOW!!! That is about the best word to describe what has happen over the week. I know for myself, I never Imagined that here at 1130am on saturday morning I would be sitting here looking 3Million raised right in the face. The Designers, the Raiders team, everyone who has come and placed a vendor at this fair ... and the SHOPPERS!! How amazing is it the support and drive and love we all share and show here at the fair. I can say that SL is the most amazing place. Together we WILL FIND A CURE!!

Don't forget the fair closes at 9pm slt on the 23rd of March !!!!

Shopping has been awesome.. the designers have really stepped up the game and I have to tell you we set the bar here... how will Pips and I ever out do this next year. There have been so many great things happen here that I cant even begin to put them all down. YOU ARE ALL MY HERO!!!!

We all have reminders of why we are here and this week in the middle of shopping and music and fun, i got smacked in the face with a reminder . I want to say to everyone out there... to remember ... we are one team.. it doesnt matter what kiosk you drop a dollar in or whose item you buy we are raising money for a bigger cause. Relay is my team and im so proud to know that a week into this years campaing we have already raised 6 MIllion Lindens for Relay ... that is more hten 20K USD and how amazing is that..

I wanted to come here and talk about the fashion and designs but there are so many people out there talking about those that i felt i needed to write a little about RFL and what the fair has done for RFL of SL this year... so my HAT IS OFF to everyone involved and there are no words to say what i feel inside...


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