Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank you Rezzable!!!!

I know that a lot of people do not know what has happen over the past two weeks when it comes to the fair. We, unfortunately, were told about 10 days ago that the people donating the Sims for the fair would not be able to provide them for us . This put us into a panic mode... we have done so much planning that how could be be without Sims. Well.. it was pretty late that night and I was not going to be able to sleep until I found Sims for us to use .
I am very very please to announce that this years Clothing Fair has Sims!! These Sims have been donated by the wonderful People from Rezzable. Home of the Greenies, Crimson Shadow, Toxic, and others, the Rezzable team has been creating some of the most fantastic builds in SL over the past year or so. We are very honored to be able to have them as a sponsor this year and as a part of Relay for Life .
I do have to say thank you to Callie Cline for putting us in contact with the Rezzable group. I also would like to thank Wiccan Sojouner for being a big support and for her ideas as we dealt with this issue.
As an event planner and project manager, I have found out when thing are going smoothly you should never sit on your laurels. Challenges are there to overcome and provide test for us to succeed on a higher level.
Now.. on to other information. Pips and I have been putting together Information packages regarding the design and responsibilities of the Designers . Most of you were not involved at the last fair so there are lots of question of what do i do? This package will provide all your answers and it will be sent out this weekend. Because of the Sim donation .. I have been told that two of them are already ready so Pips will be able to get a head start on the build, hopefully to get the designers into shops earlier then we had planned!!

Thanks everyone for your hard work ...

Until there is a cure.....



xlent1 said...

Our pleasure to support a good cause when we can!

Lots of fun virtual world areas to explore until the Fair is ready!

Julia Soothsayer said...

What a huge scare and Im so glad that someone came forward with such generosity! The fair will be awesome this year and Im really excited!! Thanks to folks over at rezzable! and the SLRFL team!!

swaffette Firefly said...

congratulations to all involved - I know a lot of hard work is going into this and its appreciated! Well done for all your efforts in the face of adversity!