Monday, June 2, 2008


Once again, the Fashion community just totally threw me back on my heels. I remember back when I was comming close to wrapping up the Clothing Fair in March, I was asked how I was feeling about the over all event. The only response that I could give was that I was totally speachless and at the time barely holding it together. As alot of people know, you can't usally find me lost for words. But, yet again, I am. Yesterday's Jailhouse Rock for Relay showed me just how deep the community of Second Life will reach if there is a cause to be reaching for. What made it so great was just how excited people got who were participating in the event. The 5 teams that participated in the event yesterday were just totally amazed when I announced the final figures for the fundraising effort. 2,227,185L$ ... who knew that the pockets were so deep. 8500USD in about 16 hours... WOW. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you all who participated, donated, hung around , fought the assest server problems, sat in jails, and just were there in support. Truely Amazing .....

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