Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OMG! What is that Noise????

Well, if you can believe it... that noise you hear is the wheels turning and the planning begining for the 2009 RFL Clothing Fair. We have been spending some time talking over the past week or so about how to reach out to the most designers in SL this year and Find the best of the best for the 2009 Fair. Last Year, We included 84 designers over 4 sims and this year we would like to up that number as much as possible.

So, Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship from Subscribe-o-matic we have come up with a plan and its now in place. Yes its a bit early to be thinking of 2009; however, you can join the group now and not worry about missing any news when the time comes.

Right now there are two kiosk up on the grid. One is located at the Haute Couture Sim in front of the RFL Store. The other is located in Innisfree at the Main location of SF Designs. If you or any desigers would like to be a part of this feed please join at any time. If you would like to have a kiosk at your store please contact me inworld .. Nevar Lobo.

Yes, Its early , but we have plans starting to make this next clothing fair something for the eyes to see.

Spread the word and don't forget we still have 25 days till Relay '08 is over !!!!

Go Relay , Untill there is a cure!!!


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