Saturday, June 7, 2008


I had the honor to be included on the "exclusive" VIP list for the Preview of VictoriaV's new mainstore. The event took place on Friday, June 6th, with the public Grand Opening set for Saturday, June 7th.
I, along with the other guests, (Moxie Polano, Maxie McBride, Bax Coen, Wyntir Jewell, Melanie Zhao, just to name a few) were greeted by the McMillans' in grand fashion. Vasgez McMillan gave a wonderful speech with VictoriaV proudly at his side. Then commenced the opening with the corking of champagne(Italy's finest, I'm sure) which we were all treated to a glass. The party then moved to the dance floor where we danced the night away to the stylings of DJ SerinaJane Loon, before working up an appetite to shop.

Let me tell you, this mainstore is a shoppers dream come true and the layout is amazing.

Now it's time to walk you through what you will see. You teleport in to appear on the lush red carpet(and who doesn't love being on the red carpet?).
The first thing you see is an awning made of Italian Marble that incases the sliding glass door to the "VictoriaV" promise land. But before i take you in, I want to draw your attention to the outside surroundings. The landscape to the store is minimalistic, which to me is nothing short of simple elegance. Here you will find green pine's, flower beds, waterfalls and the peace and traquility of the surrounding water. It's nothing short of something that you would find in Venice, Italy. The only thing missing is the man on the gondola singing in Italian.

Now let's pass the threshold. You walk past the doors to this magnificent foyer, complete with set of winding stairs that lead to the upper level. Look to your left and you'll see VictoriaV's beautiful wedding gowns, to the right you'll see her formal wear, and just past the stairs is her beloved VIP collection. The only problem you will have with this store is in deciding where to go first! As you walk through you are treated to a maze of designs, each one out doing the next. (Trust me, I'm finicky and I am nothing but impressed by the McMillan's.)

Walk up the stairs, past the incredible sculpture of a woman in the center(I heard Moxie Polano had something to do with this) to find VictoriaV's Lingerie collection. Also upstairs you will find outlet stores to Bax Coen, Alienbear Designs, Zhao, Calla, Style of Edo, and Ayki Skins.

I have to say, the McMillan's have put together an impressive collection. Without a doubt this is a must see.

I'm going to let you decide for yourself, have a look around!

Till next time,

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