Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today, the real life company Carnal Lingerie, announces it's first campaign here in sl. Gabriel LeShelle, the founder and ceo of both sl and rl Carnal Lingerie, has asked Zhao, Alienbear designs, Timeless Modeling Agency, and Gabrielle Sinatra to work exclusively with him on his project.

This campaign names Zhao as the exclusive shoe designer, Alienbear designs as the exclusive maker of jewels, Timeless for a supplier of models, and Gabrielle Sinatra for her photography.

Every month, Carnal will be releasing an "Carnal Angel of the Month". Each Lingerie piece that the model will be wearing will be pictured with matching shoes and jewels(sold seperately). Carnal, Zhao, and Alienbear designs will be placing the matching set in their stores so that the customer has the oppurtunity to purchase them all at the same time, or individually as needed.

Carnal, on their rl webpage, will also supply all the links to these stores as well as Timeless Modeling Agency and Gabrielle Sinatra's "Strawberry Fields Photo's". You can also find a Bio about each of the models used along side the bio's of Carnal's rl models.

model pictured: Silky Trilling, Timeless Modeling Agency

Lingerie used: Carnal Flowers Babydoll, Carnal Lingerie

shoes: "Precious", Zhao

jewels: "Floretta necklace & Earring set", Alienbear designs

photographed by: Gabrielle Sinatra

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