Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Been a couple of days

Its been a couple days since I was able to sit down and blog about the fair . I can tell you that Sunday, when I logged onto SL, I almost could'nt believe that we had made it to the 30 day count down point. Right away I started to think of all the things we had to do and lucky for me panic wasnt about to set it because we had the big kick off event to focus on .

Well, now we are at 28 days before the fair and I think the everyone is getting excited. You could feel the energy on Sunday and for me it was more of a drive to get this here and start raising money . I Hope everyone is getting ready because ... yes... Relay time is here!!!!

The sims are starting to shape up and Pips is working hard everyday .. I have to put a plug in here for Lilith Heart who donated all the trees for the entire build. Thanks Lilith and Dolly !!! Also, I am going to be touching base wiht everyone this week so if you dont hear from me by thursday please shoot me an im .. I need to get final confirmation done for the vendor list.

So Dj's are booked, Live Musicians are ready to sing their hearts out , the vendors are being created...

So, its crunch time now folks.. Lets get ready to Relay and kick this clothing fair off with a huge bang...

Until theres a cure!!!!


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