Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots Happening

I can't believe we are a less then 30 days from the set up for this years fair . There is alot going on right now also ... Sims are being worked on , Fashion shows are being organized, Music is being finalized and all the designers are working hard getting their designs ready ...

Don't forget we have a staff auction this year, so the designers will have some opportunity to bid on the 5 of us for the day . get those bids in .. winners will be announced here at the end of the bidding .

The Fashion shows are coming together .. we have two great agencies working hard to get ready ... here is a little from their note today ...

Hello, As part of the Relay for Life 2008 Clothing Fair. The modeling agencies of ASpiRE! and Atlantis will be producing 2 fashion shows. Shows are expected to run 90 to 120 minutes featuring around 30 'sets'. Each show will be produced seperately and on different dates with each agencies unique flavor and style. If one agency is over filled and the other under, some sharing may occur but lets remember this is for a cause first, and both agencies have professional reputations.

Atlantis Modelling Agency Showdate - March 20th, 2008 starting at 2 pm SLTime. Points of contact Valerie McDunnough and/or Eria Ziemia.

ASpiRE! Modeling Agency Showdate - March 23, 2008 starting at 2pm SLTime.Points of contact Trina Noland and/or Ally Geer

This will be a great time for all of us... and lets Remember..... Until there is a cure... WE RELAY!!!

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