Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two weeks to go

I have been sitting here this evening going over my mental list about the Clothing Fair. Tomorrow the sims arrive and the builders can finally get the builds onto to the sims. I cant wait really to see this come to life and to share it with each of you this year. When we picked the theme this year, we had some amazing ideas, lots of dreams and hopes. Could this even really happen? Would we be able to pull this off? Well the answer to all our questions 7 months ago is "Yes!"

So in less then 14 days , 150 of our favorite designers, Lots of clothing , musicians , DJ's and Builders from all over the world will kick off this amazing event . Relay For Life will start and records from the years before will be broken again. I just cant wait...

So here we go ... Look forward to all the news and info about the fair... This will be the best one yet!

see you in Paris, or Melbourne, or Milan , or Tokyo, or New Delhi, or London, or Rio, oh yeah or even in New York City !

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Poppy Zabelin said...

I can't wait to see the sims and go dancing in Rio! Good luck to all of the SL Clothing Fair team with the arrangements for the final two weeks.