Friday, February 26, 2010

Advertising Opportunities at the Clothing Fair

Every year we offer advertising opportunities at the Clothing Fair and this year is no different .

The Clothing Fair this year is offering the following packages for advertisement. This is an excellent opportunity to get your business or someone you know seen at the fair.

All textures need to be 512 x 512

At the bottom of this notecard is the section for your name and your selection of advertising. Please fill out this notecard and drop it back to Amethyst Starostin. This is on a first come basis so I will contact you with payment information after it has been assigned. All payment is going to a dedicated avatar so do not drop payment to anyone else.

See below for pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amethyst. All IMs come to my email so I do answer periodically throughout the day.


Stage area sign - 5,000L$

18 available - logo and LM
Runway signs - 5000L$

24 available - logo and LM
Ad board on Sims - 2500 L$

80 available - logo and LM

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