Sunday, January 10, 2010

WOW ! Some amazing builds...

We sure have some amazing builds going on for this years Fair... so I hope you are all getting ready. The New York City Sim is in full swing but they have decided to ask for some more help from the community. SO... Please read the following announcement from Melody Regent.

Regent Estates has been asked to sponsor and build the New York build sim for the 2010 Clothing Fair benefiting Relay for Life.

There will be 9 sims in total, with the theme of " Fashion Cities of the World". It is our job to build, in full, the NYC sim. The Clothing Fair will play host to 130 of the top clothing designers from across Second Life.

There are 8 amazing cities and one United Nations, all coming together for one great cause. New York is one of these important sims and we are honored and thrilled to have been asked to participate in this great project.

The sim will be based on many of the current builds in our New York NYC, which has gained notoriety over the years for its tribute to the World Trade Center Towers and the tragedy of 9/11. Voted best Memorial in Second Life, we are honored to be able to give back to another worthy cause, the Relay for Life.

Included in the sim you will see the Lady herself, The Statue of Liberty, as well as the New York Library. Among other buildings planned are the Empire State Building and the famous Flatiron Building.

You may be asking yourself "why is Melody going into all this?" Well, I will say that our builders were so honored to be asked to be a part of this we couldn’t say no. But that is not the only reason: we decided to come to the community itself, and offer a way for some of you great builders to join in this worthy cause with us.

We are looking for 10 builders to join us in this endeavor. We want to offer a way for you, as a builder, not only to give back, but also to get your work out and seen by THOUSANDS of people over a 10 day period.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please continue for more information on what we need:

• NYC skyscraper style buildings
• Exterior footprint of 25x25M
• Interior space of 15 m deep x 25 m wide x 20m tall
• Minimum height of 70m
• Maximum height of 200m
• 200 prims or less (The fewer the better!!)
• No textures over 512x512 (256x256 is preferred)
• Mega prims are allowed but must be phantom
• Single front entrance
• Only the main floor must be functional – IE, no multiple floors needed
• Nothing scripted
• Completed build in a building rezzor (one can be provided if needed)
• Minimal sculpty use, if at all
• Must provide the finished build copy/mod to Melody Regent and the Relay for Life manager (to be named later)
• Interior must remain flat and neutral in color
• A full permissions copy of your logo or ‘name plate’ to be used for promotional use.

All builds must be turned in no later than January 30th. The sooner we get them, the better. You may replicate a RL building or come up with your own design. You are welcome to turn in as many entries as you wish, we will accept only the best of the designs for the limited space available.

When you turn in the build, please include a folder labeled “NYC Clothing Fair – (your name)”. In the folder we will need a copy/mod version of the building in a building rezzor, a landmark to your store/location (if available), Company logo and a notecard with any information you feel we need or about you and your company.

We will be announcing the names and store locations of all the builders that we use to the forums, in Prim Perfect and to our New York group with over 6000 members. You will also get a sign outside the build that honors you as the contributor.

We also have some ‘filler’ places available that need to be built. These are simple builds that will have nothing inside them. They are merely for looks and there to fill the space between buildings. If you want to contribute to these as well, please contact Melody Regent directly for more information.

We are thrilled to be involved in this worthy cause and to have you join us. If you have any questions at all, please send detailed questions to Melody Regent in world or email to

Thank you again

Melody Regent
Regent Estates

Contact her if you like to join in on this amazing event

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