Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hearts in Harmony for Haiti

Thank you for participating in the Haitian Fundraiser. As you know this tragic event has effected a lot of people all over the wold. We are only a small part of the help that is reaching out to them. All donations will be made to a non profit here in SL called Builders of Arda, This group is already in Haiti working in the city of Meno. This is a registered 501c3 , verified by Lindens and the state of PA. The funds raised by them will be funneled into food, shelter , clothing and items needed for the welfare of people in the earthquake area. Contact person for the charity is Phoenix Seelowe.

Hearts in Harmony for Haiti Schedule:

DJ Dakota Christensen : 12-2pm slt

Kim Seifert : 2pm slt

MarkSeery Melodie : 3pm slt

Haruno Watanabe: 4pm slt

CraigLyons Writer: 5pm slt

StarFlower Orbit : 6pm slt

DJ Bcreative Wilde: 7-9 pm slt


Aryon Dagger - 12pm slt - 2pm slt

Cataplexia Numbers - 2pm slt - 4pm slt

Bcreative Wilde - 4pm slt - 7pm slt

Cake Somerset - 7pm slt - 9pm slt

Hope to see you all there, and pick up a Limo Here

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