Monday, March 16, 2009

Clothing Fair and Lag

The Clothing Fair is rockin' and rollin' and the sims are packed to see all of the great designs. But as with all events this size...we have the ever present problem of lag. We've done our part to make it as lag free as possible but we need you too.

Trust me when I tell you people do not care what you are wearing except when it affects their experience of the event. Let me show you some pictures of people with very high ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost).
If you can't move...take a look at what you're wearing. Check your ARC. You can do this by going to the Advanced menu and selecting Rendering/Info Displays/Avatar Rendering Cost.

We are very grateful for each and every one of you visiting the Fair and supporting RFL. Please help us make this event enjoyable for you too.


Anonymous said...

How about some prominent signs at the landing points explaining this? Staff could also look out for it and ask the offenders to render down. Advertising a random prize system for avs rendering under say 50 prims could be a good incentive.

Anonymous said...

Edit for above: there are clear signs asking for compliance.

Oscar Page said...

7269!? LOL I have a watch that increases my ARC by about 900+, but I never wear it to lagged out events. I try to stay in the green for events.

Advertising a hunt doesn't help lag either. The Miami Fusion event also advertised a hunt at the same time as a fashion show. All of those people craving free items and running/flying around the sim doesn't help either. Watch your time dilation (ctrl+shift+1 for the menu) hover around a dismal 0.2.