Thursday, February 5, 2009

Argh matey! Put your back into it!

Clothing Fair 2009 is rapidly approaching and our build team is working day and night to get the stores built, the stage ready and the sim layouts complete. We have a great team of builders this year and they have given nothing but heart to make this years fair the best of the best. Unfortunately, Pips Fetid is not working on the fair this year due to real life commitments so we had to go find the best group we could to fill those shoes. I think we have succeeded.

This year we will be doing something special. 7 designers are working on 7 very special outfits that will be auctioned off during the week of the fair. It will be a silent auction so make sure you save your money. More infomation on this to come as we get closer to the opening date.
We are also working on a treasure hunt. How can you have pirates and not have a treasure? This hunt will cover all 9 sims and should be alot of fun for all.

And now the news that will cause palpitations in all you career shoppers out there (my wife included)! All the shops are full and our total of designers topped out at 175. This is an amazing collection of all areas of the SL fashion community. You will find casual,couture, formal, fantasy,urban,neko, gothic, Roleplay, victorian, vintage , mens (lots of mens), womens and even some accesories like shoes, hats and jewelry. There will be something for everyone here at this fair this year.

It's going to be a great week for the shopping community to come together and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you!

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