Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avrele Designs

On Sunday I ran into one of my dear friends Avrele Guisse and as we were talking she was excitedly telling me about her last 2 releases, which unfortunately I'd missed while being wrapped up in the end of the Relay season. She graciously passed them to me and I ran home to try them any good fashionista would. *grins*

This gorgeous red one below is called Necromonger. It's a beautiful gown made of rich crimson velvet with the black lace accents and gloved and finished with the long spine ornament in the back. The thing I really like and admire about Avrele is the fabric textures, they seem to come alive. This gown has a couple of different spine ornament, removable side you can customize as you desire. It also comes in black and plum.

And next is Christine. This is a wedding ensemble, again with a few options to make it truly your own. I love the detail on the dress....the pearl and jewel accents, the fine lace and the unique veil. Remove the veil and lace skirts and you have the perfect evening gown. Oh and underneath all this is a scrumptious lingerie set to round out the details.

Both of these and all of Avrele's Designs can be found at the House of RFyre. Grab the cab!


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"Christine" cut is perfect for big day, gives the brides comfy feeling and sexiness...makes me want to shop at some wholesale clothing depot.

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