Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clothing Fair 2010 - 2 days to go

The sims are getting the finishing touches and the designers are quickly filling thier stores. Although yesterday all the scrambling took it's toll on builders, designers and the committee as we finally all fell over in a communal heap.

An event of this proportion would never come off without the genorousity of people who believe in RFL and want to help in any way they can. Each sim this year is possible because of our incredible sim sponsors and we'd like to take a moment to thank them all.

London - Nyre Gray - Caliber Designs

Melbourne - BastChild Lotus and Paul LaPointe - LaPointe and BastChild Designs

Milan - Luna Barak - Moonstruck

Rio de Janiero - Constanza Amsterdam -

Paris - Raven Pennyfeather - House of RFyre

New Delhi - Aradhana Voight - Mashooka

New York - Nyte Vargas - N'Vhe

Tokyo - Seri Writer

Entertainment - Arabella Cinquetti and Chiman Fassbinder - Lightning Video

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank each and every one of them for helping us make this event a reality.


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