Friday, October 23, 2009

SF Designs - 5 years of great clothing for us in SL !!!

Swaffette Firefly and Jamir Jimenez open up their hearts to thank all their customers for 5 great years in Second Life ... on behalf of the Clothing Fair , Amethyst and I would like to say thanks for allowing us to be part of that 5 years ... We look forward to 5 more years of working together and friendship!

Party Started Thursday 22 October with great live music and a Fashion show and continues today ! SO Lets all go celebrate with them!

Friday 23rd October:

9am DJ Joella Nico 'Rock your Body ' rock party on Innisfree.

4pm Live performance by Melodee McDonnell and Chris on Penryn.

Saturday 24th October:

24hr formal sale at High Society starting at 4am finishing at 4am sunday

DJ Emerald Bijoux beach party on Innisfree 7am - get up for an early morning swim!

4pm Voice Doobie performs live at the High Society Ballroom Lotus.

So make sure you go and see Swaffette and tell her hi and thanks!!!

Congratulations SF Designs!!!!


swaffette Firefly said...

thank you so much you wonderful man - my sl life has been enriched by know you and amethyst and the great work you do , cant wait for 2010!

Momo said...

Congrats and keep on with your great work :)

Hugs, Momo