Monday, September 21, 2009

Rebel and RH

As we were reading over the feed today and saw the various bloggers showing their support of Rebel and RH, we felt compelled to add our feelings and support as well.


When we heard about what RH and Rebel woke up to yesterday, lots of thoughts when through our minds.

For me personally, being one of the organizers of the Clothing Fair, I am very angry and disgusted to think that someone could go and blatantly attempt to destroy these two amazing designers. Then my next thought was, I hope this doesn't take them from the Clothing Fair.

Rebel Hope and RH Engel have been two of the biggest supporters of the Clothing Fair and Relay for Life here in SL. In 2007, when Pips and I began the Clothing Fair, they were the first designers to step up and say "yes, this is an amazing idea". Rebel walked with us talking and laughing for about an hour as she told stories of people close to her who had suffered from cancer. Today, I still thank her for introducing me to Relay for Life and sparking my passion again for something.

I can speak for all of us when I say this .... the Committee of the Clothing fair is dedicated in our support of the content creators of SL and will do our part to help put a stop to this.


When I first came into SL in June of 2007, the first Clothing Fair had already come and gone. My love of Rebel and RH started 3 weeks after my rez day when someone took me to their sims when I was looking for clothing and furniture. And the very first things I purchased were from those sims.

In 2008, I had the pleasure of meeting them in person at the Clothing Fair. They were warm and giving and I was so honored. I remember shaking my head as I read the posts from the person who so blatantly and thoughtlessly stole from them and still can't understand where the hatred and attitude comes from.

So, this evening as Nev, Dakota Christensen (awesome DJ, Mom and friend) and I were talking about this, we decided to put on our favorite Rebel clothing and RH jewelry.

First, this is Dak in Tease. She loves this dress so much she got it for all of her bridesmaids to wear when she married Max.

Then we have Nevar in Branson, his absolute favorite tux. I swear he almost lives in it. And with all the options, he even has a tie to match his Calico RFL hair.

And finally me in Memories. This is the very first gown I ever bought. I remember spinning in it just so I could watch the "flextasy" skirt...feeling like a princess. The necklace and earrings are RH's Premonition in platinum and ruby.

Thank you bloggers and fashion community for showing your support of these fine people. Don't forget to head down to Rebel and RH's store and pick up some of these fantastic creations for yourself.

Monarch Bay

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Samara Barzane said...

Thanks for a wonderful post. I've been encouraging all my contacts to go buy. And I blogged too: