Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank you All... You Recordbreakers!!!

We just finished the closing ceremonies for this years Relay for Life ... WOW... I don't have the words right now but through my tears of joy and the strength and love I feel for each one of you that gave just 1L$ this year... I had to say thank you !!!

Its been a very long year for us... we started last September planning the Clothing Fair... Amethyst and I have been so blessed to have met so many people along the way and friendships have been made that will never go away... again ... Thank you ....

I would like to share the total that was just given out... we have raised to right now ... $261,651 USD. WOW.... yes that is $261,651!!!!!!

SO to everyone who Relayed with Amethyst and myself this year... Thank you .... Thank you ... and Thank you ...

Now . Rest for a while .. cuz we have to top that next year... and will be talking to you soon cuz planning for the clothing fair will be starting soon ....!!!!


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putha said...

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